BALANCE WALKING changes the way we age…no matter the age…

Let’s take your Walking to the Next Level… of health, fitness and motivation. Just 15 minutes of low impact activity a day using 90 percent of your muscle improves; tone, cardiovascular and respiratory function, reduces joint impact, increase calorie burn, body balance, increased mobility and that’s for starters… Balance Walking was recently introduced in January […]

Balance Walkers in The Villages at 450+ in JUNE

Let’s move, by taking Walking to the Next Level                                                                                    THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA – June 24 – 26 Come and Join WALK n NEIGHBORS & SUMMER TRAINING SESSIONS Sumter Landings Wilkerson’s Creek Picnic Pavilion   8am & 10am & NOON OPEN TO ALL BALANCE WALKERS & WALKERS – WHO CAN WALK UNASSISTED  LIMITED […]

Over 350 in The Villages Balance Walking Today

Yes it’s a great day in The Villages. I am anticipating that many will take advantage of the Walk n Neighbors Directory. All those Balance Walking or just Walking without poles who want to meet other residents who are their neighbors are all eager to sign on. This is an answer to the many calls […]

Captiva Wacky Walkers is official Balance Walking Club in The Villages

IT’S OFFICIAL!!!!! Balance Walking is now a New Club listing in The Villages Daily Sun. click on image below, then search in Club section near pg 59 for the Wacky Walkers of Captiva – this is updated weekly at . This is the paper that everyone reads everyday to keep up with all the […]

Balance Walking refreshes at Subway in The Villages

March 9th thru March 12th was another successful 4 day week of 12 – 1.5 hour sessions in The Villages…  I am confident when I say; that all the residents participating have been so very receptive to Balance Walking,  many have talked to their friends and are wanting to know when we are coming back,  […]

Balance Walking is a Hit in The Villages, Fl

The Villages – Balance Walking – March 9-12, 2012 1st Official Regularly Scheduled Group Mar 3 2013 The Villages is Americas Friendliest Community as well as the Healthiest Hometown in the U.S. and is offering Balance Walking. What a fantastic 2nd Event for Balance Walking on Feb 16-19 2013. Been so busy answering emails, phone […]

Encore at The Villages with Balance Walking

You know when you’re invited back for more – By Popular Demand – it’s safe to say you have given your best – not to mention all the great people who live in The Villages. I have met some amazing people during our training whom have moved to The Villages from everywhere. It’s exciting to […]

The Villages Florida Residents ready for Balance Walking Event

    Those who live, have visited or heard about The Villages know that this community on 23,000 acres and growing with over 91,000 residents, with 20 new homeowners a day is an absolutely amazing environment. Resident’s are encouraged to be involved with a healthy and active lifestyle in their community, as they have over […]

Marietta Community Schools Leads with Balance Walking

  Marietta Community Schools leads the way with New Course in Sports, Fitness, and Recreation Balance Walking FEE: $ 99 A New Way to Balance Walk it Off. Wake up your routine and burn up to 50% more calories with this 7 week Balance Walking Plan. We will use the Health and Fitness Poles 2 […]

Lake Oconee Boomers join Balance Walking

Since the Prevention Magazine October issue has come to print the interest continues to grow…. 1000s are getting started as they see that it is inexpensive, easy to learn and of course easy to do with others anytime and anywhere. Let’s not forget the countless testimonials of positive results I receive each day. Keep your […]