Play Now or Pay Later

I read a great insightful post today in one of the many Diabetes News alerts I receive daily. We all know that the way of living today is full of stress and even more imbalances. These things of course just set us in to a tail spin towards Diabetes. The good news is that Type 2 diabetes can be impacted in a positive way today.

This link I am including here will make you think today about several needs to change now for our children.  Who knows it may lead to more time together when home as a family taking long walks, or simply just playing outside together.  There will be no question that Sitting for long periods of time will begin to have restrictions – just like cellphones and Texting.

Let me share more of my thoughts about this article before you read….

Being Left Out is Being Left Behind
Being Left Out is Being Left Behind

Also while reading the link think about the next time your child goes off to school…

Remember as well that moving as an activity (exercise) of choice comes easier when initiated from a place of happiness…

Think about it?

Not to confuse this with working off your stress as this is really different…

The article highlights being ostracized in the classroom setting…

Introvert or extravert or…

Being left out, is the 1st step to being Left Behind.

In cycling we call that being DROPPED (those whom ride hard know that this is not where you want to be).

I believe the key is to raise children up to be Encouragers, God knows we can benefit…

Moms, Dads and Teachers are the front line to initiating healthy engaging changes.

So lets Play Together Now or Pay Later… Children Who Feel Ostracized Are Less Likely to Be Physically Active Click here

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