Balance Walkers in The Villages at 450+ in JUNE

Let’s move, by taking Walking to the Next Level                                              

                                     THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA – June 24 – 26


Sumter Landings Wilkerson’s Creek Picnic Pavilion

  8am & 10am & NOON

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE (12 participants / session)


Everyone is welcome to come and watch or walk with us without Poles while YOU learn more

FIRST STEP FOR EVERYONE: Contact Terry Kennedy at 770-653-5995 with any questions or simply send an email with name, phone number & village community, saying – “COUNT ME IN BEGINNER or COUNT ME IN INTERMEDIATE or COUNT ME IN ADVANCED”. Choose a Session – DAY & TIME that you wish to attend. Make sure to add your NAME, EMAIL, PHONE and Village you live. Due to limited spots available we will send follow-up email with “SESSION CONFIRMED or SESSION FILLED” email. If Sessions are FILLED we will contact you with any cancellations and as well for sessions coming at the end of July.

6 BEGINNER TRAINING SESSIONS – June 24 at 10am & Noon – June 25 at 8am & 10am – June 26 at 8am & 10am.  One hour of FREE training. Poles will be provided to those who need. Many prefer to have their own poles which can be purchased at . Go to BUY NOW, enter discount code: summerjune at checkout to save $20.00/pair. Poles retail at 49.95 + 10.00 ship = 59.95 so your poles are 39.95. You will be given your poles at training.

2 INTERMEDIATE TRAINING SESSIONS – June 24 at 8am – June 26 at Noon. One hour of training – will be for those who attended sessions in January – May (some exceptions however) and will include specific instruction for; cardio, toning, flexibility training. They will want to register online for training at . You will then go to BUY NOW, at left side click on Local Events, and make $10.00 payment at checkout.

1 ADVANCED STRETCH CORDS & POLE TRAINING SESSION – June 25 at Noon. 1 hour of training open to those that have purchased stretch cords in advance or those that reserve limited loaner supply. In any case we must talk on the phone to determine your physical ability and the availability of stretch cords and poles. After we talk you will want to register online for this training at You will go to BUY NOW, at left side click on Local Events, and make $10.00 payment at checkout. We will be videoing this training as well as this will be the first training of its kind in the U.S.

All the session are open to everyone in The Villages whom can walk unassisted – being without a cane or walker.  We are beginning discussions with Medical professionals so that we can integrate when appropriate. Please feel free to have your Doctor or Health professional reach out to me.

And of course we want everyone to meet others and sign up to be listed in the Walk n Neighbor Directory whether you are able to take a session or not in June. As we said before all walkers are welcome to join


– Our mailing address –
Balance Walking take Walking to the Next Level
104 Interstate North Parkway East, SE
Atlanta, GA 30339


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