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Healthy Habits Made in 3 Weeks

It takes only 21 days to create a habit. After that amount of time, your body will do the habit daily on auto-pilot, it will be a part of your working profile. Walk 7 days a week for 3 weeks and you will consider yourself a walker.

Our bodies work so hard for us…how about lending a helping hand. Give your body what it needs and it will give you the energy level you desire. I have seen and felt what walking every day can do for me, start a new habit for yourself today. When you have walked for 21 days send me a note on Facebook and let me know the differences you see and feel.

Enjoy Every Step

Aging is NOT optional…

but feeling good while you age is up to you.

Stay active, take two 15 minute walks everyday. Sitting for an hour can decrease circulation in the legs up to 50%. Get up and get moving.

Nordic Walking the Next Fitness Wave

Nordic Walking the Next Fitness Wave

Do you know how to get to a ripe old age?



Are you desk-bound?

Stop Sedentariness

Are you couch-bound? desk-bound? car-bound?

Keeping a set of poles by your computer or tv, and in your car, will remind you to get your body and blood moving.

Life is short…Step on it.

These shoes are made for walking

Ill-fitting shoes can cause your feet problems, so find a fit expert to help you find the right shoe for your foot, and the correct fitting left shoe for your other foot. Everyone has two different size feet, and Foot Solutions has experience accommodating both feet.

Shoes for Walking

Wear properly fitted athletic shoes when you go for a walk. Shoes that are too tight are not only uncomfortable, but they can damage your feet. Foot Solutions carries a variety of good running shoes, that can prevent heel pain and other foot problems.

It’s not about age, it’s about feeling good while we age.



Mobility is critical to our health and well-being, especially as we age. How can we ensure that older adults are able to remain active despite difficulties they may face in attempting to do so?  Dr. Dori Rosenberg of Seattle’s Group Health Research Institute, a public-interest research center, has conducted extensive research into the promotion of physical activity.

We all know exercise is good for us, now it is just about making time to do it everyday. Make 15 minutes a day a priority on your ‘to do’ list.


Get More Productivity by Telling Employees to ‘Take A Hike’


The employees at the balance walking pole office are big advocates for workplace walking programs. Simply put, walking is one of the easiest ways for people to get moving and stay moving — regardless of fitness level. It’s simple, inexpensive, and fun… especially when walking with a group. In jobs where you sit for 7 hours a day, it will benefit employees and employer to have a scheduled walk mid morning and another walk mid afternoon. Walking will boost brain power, creativity, improve mood, relieve stress and increase energy level. It is motivational to have upper management join in on these #BalanceWalking meetings.


Balance Walking Summed Up

Balance Walking approaches health based on a four pillar system

1.low impact activity. 2. stress reduction. 3. food for life. 4. toning

It is difficult to not be successful with these four pillars in place, and it is easy to achieve #1 by adding balance walking to your life. Just 15 minutes a day can change the way you look and feel.

Balance Walking is exercise made easy and even enjoyable. You do not have to sweat and cause pain to increase your circulation.

BALANCE WALKING changes the way we age…no matter the age…

Let’s take your Walking to the Next Level… of health, fitness and motivation. Just 15 minutes of low impact activity a day using 90 percent of your muscle improves; tone, cardiovascular and respiratory function, reduces joint impact, increase calorie burn, body balance, increased mobility and that’s for starters…

Morning Walkers in The Villages

Balance Walking was recently introduced in January of 2013 to The Villages Florida and continues to grow. This is a 55 plus community with over 107,000 residents. I invited the residents to participate for no cost instruction and poles in an email blast, sent to 1200 residents. The first 8 hours of classes were filled in1 hour along with a waiting list of over 100 residents. In just a few short months over 500 Balance Walking residents were walking with poles, alone or in groups. This continued demand is on track to rise to well over 1000 residents by year end. I encourage all Walkers to join Balance Walkers to walk together, and in time discover how much greater the health benefits are with Balance Walking.

The Balance Walking poles and program has now become the official Pole Walking Club in The Villages and is on track to be the Next Pickle Ball Phenomena, as it is rolled out in the future to over 28 recreation facilities. The worlds’ first Walk n Neighbors Directory is filling daily in The Villages while reaching other retirement communities as well in the U.S.

Keep your eyes out for the News Headline which reads – “The Next Fitness and Health Wave in this Millennium – the answer to the ever increasing health epidemic we are facing in the US. The Health Equation may look like this; Poles + People = Better Health through Prevention delivered with an easy to do and motivational program. All ages, all health and fitness levels, all regions of the US.

Prevention Magazine Study group Balance Beauties from Iowa

In fact, the Balance Walking Poles will become an inter-generational innovative fitness tool, as it becomes the first activity of its kind to bridge the active aging with younger generations. We all desire more time together with family and friends, right….

Kids having Fun with Instruction

Balance Walkers in The Villages at 450+ in JUNE

Let’s move, by taking Walking to the Next Level                                              

                                     THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA – June 24 – 26


Sumter Landings Wilkerson’s Creek Picnic Pavilion

  8am & 10am & NOON

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE (12 participants / session)


Everyone is welcome to come and watch or walk with us without Poles while YOU learn more

FIRST STEP FOR EVERYONE: Contact Terry Kennedy at 770-653-5995 with any questions or simply send an email with name, phone number & village community, saying – “COUNT ME IN BEGINNER or COUNT ME IN INTERMEDIATE or COUNT ME IN ADVANCED”. Choose a Session – DAY & TIME that you wish to attend. Make sure to add your NAME, EMAIL, PHONE and Village you live. Due to limited spots available we will send follow-up email with “SESSION CONFIRMED or SESSION FILLED” email. If Sessions are FILLED we will contact you with any cancellations and as well for sessions coming at the end of July.

6 BEGINNER TRAINING SESSIONS – June 24 at 10am & Noon – June 25 at 8am & 10am – June 26 at 8am & 10am.  One hour of FREE training. Poles will be provided to those who need. Many prefer to have their own poles which can be purchased at . Go to BUY NOW, enter discount code: summerjune at checkout to save $20.00/pair. Poles retail at 49.95 + 10.00 ship = 59.95 so your poles are 39.95. You will be given your poles at training.

2 INTERMEDIATE TRAINING SESSIONS – June 24 at 8am – June 26 at Noon. One hour of training – will be for those who attended sessions in January – May (some exceptions however) and will include specific instruction for; cardio, toning, flexibility training. They will want to register online for training at . You will then go to BUY NOW, at left side click on Local Events, and make $10.00 payment at checkout.

1 ADVANCED STRETCH CORDS & POLE TRAINING SESSION - June 25 at Noon. 1 hour of training open to those that have purchased stretch cords in advance or those that reserve limited loaner supply. In any case we must talk on the phone to determine your physical ability and the availability of stretch cords and poles. After we talk you will want to register online for this training at You will go to BUY NOW, at left side click on Local Events, and make $10.00 payment at checkout. We will be videoing this training as well as this will be the first training of its kind in the U.S.

All the session are open to everyone in The Villages whom can walk unassisted – being without a cane or walker.  We are beginning discussions with Medical professionals so that we can integrate when appropriate. Please feel free to have your Doctor or Health professional reach out to me.

And of course we want everyone to meet others and sign up to be listed in the Walk n Neighbor Directory whether you are able to take a session or not in June. As we said before all walkers are welcome to join


- Our mailing address -
Balance Walking take Walking to the Next Level
104 Interstate North Parkway East, SE
Atlanta, GA 30339


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