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4 Pillars with a great ROI

Certifying Balance Walking leaders with .4 ACE CECs at NO COST – simply register to join the NEXT FITNESS WAVE of this MILLENNIUM.

You will be providing an additional low cost dimension to your health, fitness, recreation or medical programs today. In fact self-funded in many cases. All those on the ground floor of the program will be given many more perks.

Balance Walking Beginner: Poles-Technical-Toning-Stretching

This is a Limited NO COST offer. Send an email to and type in the subject line – Learn More Blog  / Balance Walking.

We are having an amazing response from; Drs, Parks and Rec Departments, Fitness Clubs, Retirement Communities, Hospitals and more whom all are desiring to get started as soon as possible.

8 Week Balance Walking Publisher Study is a Success and continues on…

A quick update with a few photos from our 8 week publisher study completed with woman from all over the US. They all ranged in ages from 35-65, were desiring weight loss and not a regular exerciser. The Publication with results and testimonials will be available very soon. Though the study is complete; most participants are continuing to walk daily, eat healthy, tone and give themselves quiet time.

We will be continuing with the next phase of  the program by offered an  opportunity to all participants to become walk leaders or coaches by simply registering online. All these program materials to them will be at no cost.  As new walk leaders or coaches they will be provided all the marketing materials including a webpage to promote their program. And to help them grow their neighborhood and or work site program they will be provided all the Poles and Accessories at wholesale.

We are for a limited time offering .4ACE CECs to become a Certified Balance Walking Coach to all professionals and organizations whom would like to get started today.

Pennsylvania Balance Walkers in 8 Week Study
Pennsylvania Balance Walkers in 8 Week Study

Colorado Walker in Liberty 5K
Colorado Walker in Liberty 5K
Balance Walkers in Iowa in 8 Week Study

Play Now or Pay Later

I read a great insightful post today in one of the many Diabetes News alerts I receive daily. We all know that the way of living today is full of stress and even more imbalances. These things of course just set us in to a tail spin towards Diabetes. The good news is that Type 2 diabetes can be impacted in a positive way today.

This link I am including here will make you think today about several needs to change now for our children.  Who knows it may lead to more time together when home as a family taking long walks, or simply just playing outside together.  There will be no question that Sitting for long periods of time will begin to have restrictions – just like cellphones and Texting.

Let me share more of my thoughts about this article before you read….

Being Left Out is Being Left Behind
Being Left Out is Being Left Behind

Also while reading the link think about the next time your child goes off to school…

Remember as well that moving as an activity (exercise) of choice comes easier when initiated from a place of happiness…

Think about it?

Not to confuse this with working off your stress as this is really different…

The article highlights being ostracized in the classroom setting…

Introvert or extravert or…

Being left out, is the 1st step to being Left Behind.

In cycling we call that being DROPPED (those whom ride hard know that this is not where you want to be).

I believe the key is to raise children up to be Encouragers, God knows we can benefit…

Moms, Dads and Teachers are the front line to initiating healthy engaging changes.

So lets Play Together Now or Pay Later… Children Who Feel Ostracized Are Less Likely to Be Physically Active Click here

Nordic Walking can benefit Breast Cancer Survivors

We are preparing at Balance Walking ( Nordic Walking – the generic term ) to meet the needs of Doctors, Physical Therapist, Coaches, and as well all those whom want to participate in the clear trending towards physical activity as the best medicine to reduce or eliminate disease processes. We know that daily physical activity is vital for everyone regardless of ones current health or health challenge.

Pole Walking
Pole Walking and Breast Cancer

We are gathering teams of professionals and community ambassadors  ( please, if you believe you can play a part – contact Terry D. Kennedy the Exec. Dir. of Balance Walking at ) that want to be part of our beta Balance Walking Breast Cancer program. The program will open to 100s of participants using the Poles as prescribed by their Doctors and Therapist whether for  Prehab, Rehab and or Maintenance.  We will be able to provide the teaching materials and poles at a much reduced cost so that no one will be left out of the program.  We will encourage each person to participate with a minimum of one individual in their weekly activity for a minimum of 12weeks.

To be honest this activity attracts a lot of positive attention, so you may find yourself with a good size group.

The entire Balance Walking program includes several key Wellness Pillars that can be reviewed on our main Balance Walking website . This post is meant to announce how we will begin to integrate the Poles as Step One.

We know that Nordic Walking delivers as the research has shown all the obvious health and fitness benefits that lead to prevention and an increase in the QOL (Quality of Life).

I am including an article done in 2009, that is really just a snippet below that suggest the varying Pole Walking benefits to Lymphedema (sometimes  occur with Breast Cancer patients due to treatment and surgery side-effect from Breast Cancer).

How to Do Arm Lymphedema Exercises

Pole walking, also called Nordic walking, uses your arms, shoulders, upper chest and back muscles. While you’re getting a good cardio workout, all your major joints are exercised, and your muscles will get stretched and lengthened.

When done properly, pole walking is done while your arms are relaxed. Your shoulders will be working in a swinging motion, similar to shoulder flexion, but with a greater range of motion. This continuous motion should help excess lymph fluid move back into circulation and help you avoid arm lymphedema.

Pole Walking – Standing Exercise

Remember: Always wear your compression sleeve on your affected arm during exercise.

Use a set of fitness walking poles that have a hand strap at the top. The poles should remain behind your stride and always point diagonally backwards as you walk. These will help you exercise your shoulders, assist with balance, and provide support for knee joints and leg muscles. Keep your shoulders relaxed and hold the poles near your body.

  1. Step forward with your right foot, and swing your left arm forward, up to waist height. Your left pole hits the ground just behind your right foot.
  2. Keep your torso upright, don’t lean forward as you walk.
  3. Let your right arm straighten out behind you, forming a line that ends at the tip of your right pole. Roll your left foot from heel to toe as you walk, pushing off with your toe.
  4. Alternate feet and poles, while maintaining good posture as you pole walk.

For a complete explanation of pole walking technique and to learn more about the benefits of this exercise, visit the Walking site.


The Effect Of Gentle Arm Exercise And Deep Breathing On Secondary Arm Lymphedema. A.L. Moseley, N.B. Piller, C.J. Carati. Lymphology 38 (2005) 136-145.

Exercise and Arm Lymphedema. Karin Johansson, RPT, LT, Lymphedema Unit, Lund University Hospital, Dr. Med. Sci, Dep. of Health Science, Lund University, Sweden. Physiotherapy Theory Practice, 2009 Apr; 25(3):165-73.

Kurt Doctor finishes 3rd Master Nordic Walking Division Portland Marathon

Great job Kurt!!!

Kurt Doctor owner of Foot Solutions in Tigard, Oregon has accomplished a first for himself. That is to finish the Portland Marathon Nordic Walking Division as the 3rd place Master.

Kurt Doctor Nordic Walking finishes the Portland Marathon 3rd place Master
Kurt Doctor 2011 Portland Marathon Nordic Walking Master Division in 3rd Place

The added benefit that Kurt can attest to is doing the full marathon with the Poles as opposed to without almost doubled the positive physiological effects. This would of course depend on his individual effort during the event to increase calorie expenditure, heart rate training effect, VO2 consumption and more. This will come for everyone by adding the Balance Walking Poles (commonly known as Nordic Walking Poles) which is truly an amazing benefit. Kurt had completed the full marathon in 6:07:41 which is equivalent to a 14:02min/mile pace, wow, that is hoofing it down the road. The poles used properly can add significant speed to anyone’s walking distance.

If we apply either the full marathon as 26.2miles or the ½ marathon as 13.1miles the equivalent effects respectively using the Poles would increase the distance to over 40miles and 20miles. Note however, ones technique and ultimate pace to the finish line will surely give differing distances.

Great News for Runners

All those who love to run and might begin to consider using the Poles as part of their training or in a running event will discover the benefits are significant. You will be able to integrate the Poles at any starting point; whether it is for personal health, fitness or for sport. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Activate 90% of the body’s muscles over regular walking
  • Burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking
  • Increases aerobic effect by up to 22% compared to regular walking
  • Decreases load and strain on the lower body by up to 30%
  • Tones and increases flexibility of upper arms, shoulders
  • Improves lateral mobility of the back muscles and spine
  • Strengthens core while developing stability
  • Promotes an upright posture
  • Will find it easier to workout together with differing coordination and fitness levels

Till next time… looking forward to more great reports on the Balance Walking Poles, Program and Testimonials as they come my way. Please send them to

Terry D. Kennedy – Exec. Dir. Balance Walking

Susan G Komen for the Cure in step with Balance Walking

Komen Affiliates Increase Participation & Fundraising

Pink Year Round for Better Health
Pink Year Round for Better Health

Balance Walking is a Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Corporate Sponsor and is excited to work with ‘All Affiliates’ to help grow their community outreach. Presently, in the SGK Participant Center used by individuals and teams located online contains some great resources to help increase fundraising. One resource area is labeled, 101 Great Ideas, which helps participants by suggesting creative ideas to help increase donations. Now with our partnership is the perfect time to take advantage of the “Pink Pole Balance Walking Program as the 102nd Great Idea!” In fact, we believe this will double participation and fundraising in local communities year round.

One neat thing about Balance Walking is that it creates curiosity and excitement without detracting from the Susan G Komens current schedule of events and programs. Integrating the poles brings an additional dimension to any Komen Event and will boost individual or team donations. The poles are guaranteed to attract attention and elicit questions, such as…

What are you doing?

First let me use my experience; as I confidently respond – “well one mile with these poles gives me the benefits of nearly 2 miles of regular walking (this is just one of the many benefit examples. You will also increase calorie burn to 90% muscle activation versus 60-70% of regular walking). The benefits come so quickly that I walk with the poles for 5, 10, 15minutes or more if I have time.” This eliminates the excuse – I have no TIME! And guess what their response is almost every time – more questions!

Where can I get the Poles?

This is a perfect opportunity to explain the partnership between Balance Poles and Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. We suggest letting all who ask; to know that $5 from each sale stays in the community and another $5 goes to the national office for breast cancer research. Order the Susan G Komen Poles Online easily or visit a participating Foot Solutions. This Question is usually followed with…

Where can I learn How to use Poles?

And of course I tell them; it’s easy with an online video, community walking groups, as I hand them an Invite Card.

Then of course, more questions – when and where does your group walk? As I hand them a 5 x 7 invite card, I also get their name and contact information for follow-up. And if you have an extra set of poles show them how and invite them back to use them as loaner poles until they make their purchase online. We suggest that individuals or team members work with their local Affiliate office to use the online tools to promote their group. Starting their own Meetup online is easy and very inexpensive ( We suggest calling the Meetup “Pink Pole Balance Walking / (list area or team name here).

Sometimes people just want to get started and learn how and walk on their own where they live or work.

Look 1 ask a Friend, then it became 7

Susan G Komen 5k Atlanta Pink Team
Susan G Komen 5k Atlanta Pink Team

What’s The Next Step?

  • Contact: Your Local Susan G Komen Affiliate or Terry Kennedy at 770-916-5996
  • Email:
  • Spread the Word! Enlist 5 or more supporters who may be interested in learning more and who would like to help grow your Teams Fundraising Goals Year Round

Here is a great video for promotion

Balance Walking is Inclusive All Ages and Abilities

Lack of activity and poor nutrition deliver a full plate of consequences today…

Obesity and Disease seems to be front page news everyday. We hear over and over, “Get Moving and Eat Healthy.” It’s clear this is a challenge. Yet, Balance Walking is an activity that’s easily done. No matter the age or ability, it takes very little time commitment. It is begins with the15minutes that keeps on giving, because of your muscle recruitment in the upper body. You can turn that1mile of walking with Balance Walking Poles in to the equivalent of nearly 2 miles of regular walking (depending on effort and skill). It is all inclusive for any level of fitness. It’s easy. It’s fun and extremely beneficial. It provides the momentum we all need for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

All Ages can use Poles

Health and Fitness Business & Parks and Recreation Systems getting on-board…

I recently had numerous collaborative conversations with over dozen executives from the US and China in the Health and Fitness Business, as well as the Parks and Recreation Systems. These professionals serve all areas such as; private, non-profit, city, state, and federal as well as serving the needs of those who have physical and/or socio-economic challenges. These collaborations have me convinced that this is the right time for Balance Walking. Each one of these individuals wants to learn more as well as where to get the poles. My belief with these responses confirms again that Balance Walking is the “Next Fitness Wave of this Millennium”.

Poles for all sizes and ages... Mom will love it

Referred to as Nordic Walking or Pole Walking or…

Many are hearing more and more about Nordic Walking or Pole Walking as it is now beginning to seen and talked about in the US.  Balance Walking  encompasses many of the various pole techniques used in Nordic/Pole Walking from around the world. Varying the techniques when using your poles to deliver a safe, fitness and health exercise simply accommodates everyone. This activity will always deliver more and include the formulation for a balanced lifestyle – healthy eating, stress reduction, strength/flexibility and of course, the all important cardiovascular exercise.

Great parks to grab your poles and go

Poor Health an Epidemic in US is not a secret.

A great video from the CDC was recently completed emphasizing what I believe; in we are creating a nation with new physical dimensions and disease challenges out of control. The statistics are revealing – “Obesity costs this country about $150 billion a year, or almost 10 percent of the national medical budget. Approximately one in three adults and one in six children are obese. Obesity is epidemic in the United States today and a major cause of death, attributable to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes”. The epidemic of poor health is pointing to answers that start first with making better activity and nutrition choices; beginning at home, in our schools, in childcare facilities, work sites and our communities.

Those that live with health challenges can begin today by asking themselves this question. How long will I permit this train wreck to literally run out of control before I make better choices in healthy activity and eating for myself? The CDC video and others similarly do well at pointing to the problems, yet the vital component needs a spark and fuel to sustain better health for everyone. The spark is an army of excited advocates and mentors saying, “let’s go and make a difference now and tomorrow”.

Balance Walking Poles and Program

Contact Terry Kennedy at to get started with your Balance Walking Poles and Program. It’s easy to learn, it’s for everyone and of course it’s a great exercise. If you might consider regular walking, then you will be excited to know that the benefits are multiplied almost 2 times when you grab your poles and move for as little as 5, 10 or 15minutes at time.

Get Healthy — Get Exercise

25% of Americans take less than 5000 Steps a Day

This needs to be a wake-up call for all of us today. 5000 Steps equates to a sedentary lifestyle, not to mention most Americans are not getting enough exercise daily. It comes down to Balance in a world that is competing for our choices each day. Those of us in the health and fitness business clearly see the train wreck. In fact some of us are being challenged with the same challenging choices daily.

So let’s begin with the end in sight now, to choose healthy actions each day, and bring back balance to living healthier today. And should you get off track, get back on, with the end in sight today…

I might suggest we start today and look for supporting pillars ( people, products, and places ) that deliver safely health and fitness education, motivation and leadership . With my recent invitation to serve on the board with the “Weekly Fitness Challenge” I know there is an organization serving to that end. This organization is assembling a worldwide team to bring back Healthy Balance by using mentors in “Changing the Shape of the World” .  The essence is start where you are, and begin to gather together with others to commit as you are likely to succeed… A team of two, a group of many – at work, with family, friends and neighbors as this builds the needed motivation and mentorship.

Let’s get started now and Step It Up! Begin at work if you are one of those that sit much of your day. Be flexible when you encounter work challenges that rob you of your allocated time by simply returning back to your fitness routine when your work permits time.  Remember we are paid to work, yet all know we function with higher productivity when endorphins kick in behind the desk. Ask your employer to join in, as this will cement the working relationship.  Avoid at all cost of being judgmental with every bump ( fitness disruption ) in your new routine as this can become an achilles heel ( the reasons you quit ) to your long term success.

This is the beauty of walking with the new Balance Walking Poles as you will find quickly — convenience, ease of use, and endorphins kicking in — with your routine. Not to mention those that see you walking or jogging with poles will in their curiosity ask questions about the poles  and succumb to getting their own poles, especially when you talk – more calories. And if you do not believe me, try it anyway, as I will let time prove me right here.

To get started let’s do some quick math first, which will evolve in to a written goal, followed with an achieved goal. OK, take a 5 minute break at work on the move with your poles every 60 minutes and you will have on an average 8 hour work day — 40minutes of activity. Wow! Let’s see that is 5 workdays which converts in to 3 hours and 20minutes. Now of course no need to stick with 5 minutes as your schedule may permit longer or shorter periods of time. The calories used while walking with your poles nearly doubles over regular walking. This of course is dependent on your speed and skills.

Here are some good numbers for Steps and Stats

  • 2.5 feet: average person’s stride length
  • 2,100 average steps: about one mile
  • 10,000 steps: about 5 miles
  • 10,000 steps “without poles”: expends about 300 – 400 cal. (depends on body size ,walking speed, and skill)
  • 10,000 steps “with poles”: expends about 500 to 600 cal. (depends on body size, walking speed,and skill)
  • 1,200 steps: 10 minutes of walking
  • 3,100 – 4,000 steps: 30 minutes of moderately intense walking

Note: all these equivalents are averages that will vary among individuals

Sources: Research Digest, with additional calculations with Poles

Ranking Steps for a more active lifestyle

  • sedentary: <5,000 steps/day
  • low active: 5,000-7,499 steps/day
  • somewhat active: 7,500-9,999 steps/day
  • active: >or=10,000 steps/day
  • highly active: >12,500 steps/day

Source: Tudor-Locke C, Bassett DR Jr., Sports Medicine

We will continue to study and research over and over and even debate exercise and disease processes. And with that debate on how much, how long and on and … I suggest lets all get up and move. The study below at least recognizes that you can not sit or virtually remain motionless most of the day and think that one 30minute session is all you need 5 days a week.

Even With Regular Exercise, People With Inactive Lifestyles More at Risk for Chronic Diseases

ScienceDaily (Aug. 1, 2011) — According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25 percent of Americans have inactive lifestyles (they take fewer than 5,000 steps a day) and 75 percent do not meet the weekly exercise recommendations (150 minutes of moderate activity each week and muscle-strengthening activity twice a week) to maintain good health. read more click here