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BALANCE WALKING changes the way we age…no matter the age…

Let’s take your Walking to the Next Level… of health, fitness and motivation. Just 15 minutes of low impact activity a day using 90 percent of your muscle improves; tone, cardiovascular and respiratory function, reduces joint impact, increase calorie burn, body balance, increased mobility and that’s for starters…

Morning Walkers in The Villages

Balance Walking was recently introduced in January of 2013 to The Villages Florida and continues to grow. This is a 55 plus community with over 107,000 residents. I invited the residents to participate for no cost instruction and poles in an email blast, sent to 1200 residents. The first 8 hours of classes were filled in1 hour along with a waiting list of over 100 residents. In just a few short months over 500 Balance Walking residents were walking with poles, alone or in groups. This continued demand is on track to rise to well over 1000 residents by year end. I encourage all Walkers to join Balance Walkers to walk together, and in time discover how much greater the health benefits are with Balance Walking.

The Balance Walking poles and program has now become the official Pole Walking Club in The Villages and is on track to be the Next Pickle Ball Phenomena, as it is rolled out in the future to over 28 recreation facilities. The worlds’ first Walk n Neighbors Directory is filling daily in The Villages while reaching other retirement communities as well in the U.S.

Keep your eyes out for the News Headline which reads – “The Next Fitness and Health Wave in this Millennium – the answer to the ever increasing health epidemic we are facing in the US. The Health Equation may look like this; Poles + People = Better Health through Prevention delivered with an easy to do and motivational program. All ages, all health and fitness levels, all regions of the US.

Prevention Magazine Study group Balance Beauties from Iowa

In fact, the Balance Walking Poles will become an inter-generational innovative fitness tool, as it becomes the first activity of its kind to bridge the active aging with younger generations. We all desire more time together with family and friends, right….

Kids having Fun with Instruction

Marietta Community Schools Leads with Balance Walking


Marietta Community Schools leads the way with New Course in Sports, Fitness, and Recreation
Balance Walking FEE: $ 99
A New Way to Balance Walk it Off. Wake up your routine and burn up to 50% more calories with this 7 week Balance Walking Plan. We will use the Health and Fitness Poles 2 times a week in class and as you are able outside of class. We will provide loaner poles for you to take outside of class to walk on your own for this seven week program. Want to take a sneak peak at the Prevention Magazine Balance Walking Study completed with women all over the U.S.
Go to: Prevention & Balance Walking 8 Week Study Article. These 15 minutes a day will change your life as it has for thousands this year. Don’t miss the “Next Health & Fitness Wave of this Millennium”
COURSE #: W13407
Instructor: Terry Kennedy Exec. Dir., Location: Marietta High School, 6:30-7:30 p.m. (Jan. 22-Mar. 14) (7 Tues. & 7 Thurs.) skip the week of Feb.18-22


“Why We Balance Walk” Survey Says More U.S. Adults are Walking, But Still Not Enough

Let me share some things that will begin to shed light on ” WHY WE BALANCE WALK?”

Another great confirmation to the benefits of Balance Walking that began in May of 2012 with the 8 week Publisher Study; which is now complete, along with the final results and the recent article in the October issue of Prevention Magazine. We are about to change “How We Walk Worldwide.” Pick up the October issue, as you walk by it weekly at the Supermarket and explore “How and Why We Balance Walk.” And upon reading, join those whom have gone to the Balance Walking Store to order their Poles. Make sure to take advantage of the discount code in the Prevention article. We are as well sending ongoing instructional and motivational materials so that all the Balance Walkers can be successful.

Taking a Break at Work with Balance Walking for 15 minutes
Taking a Break at Work with Balance Walking for 15 minutes

I will share just a few of the contributing factors to creating such an amazing influx of new Balance Walkers. I speak personally to about every 10 or so Pole orders that post and ask why they decided to try Balance Walking.  The answers go from; those with stability and balance challenges, those with desire to do something healthy again in their day, those whom want to lose weight, those that want to be together as a family, those that are athletes that need more diverse training and the list goes on… I generally asked them to get back with me in a week or two to share their experience.  They followup by email and phone with such enthusiasm and accolades of the Poles and Program I just have to grin. Everything that was contributing to a negative quality of life challenge for them ( knees, back, stress, weight, attitude, desire, etc… ) is now being expressed to me with all the positive daily changes. They are as well telling me that their friends, neighbors, and colleagues at work are asking to to join them with their own Poles.

I believe that this kind of positive change will literally become a worldwide phenomena. This is the ” Next Fitness and Health Wave in this Millennium.”tk

Do I sound positive? Yes!!!  After 40 years in the health and fitness business as an innovator, athlete, public speaker and executive, I say humbly, you just know that this is the Right Time and the Right Thing, Right Now…

All of us want to do something healthy in our day, even if its just to taking a walk. The greatest find for 1000s of new Balance Walkers is that by adding Poles, we have discovered the facts are you can achieve much more in less time than regular walking. There are countless Walking Poles studies on the Web showing the positive influence of the poles medically and physically. With that I have reached out to Doctors around the world whom are confirming and advocating to me that the addition of the Balance Walking Poles to every ones daily health and fitness routine would be a tremendous regiment. With the Balance Walking Book as a guide to the other Wellness Pillars we know that the small healthy changes over time will last a life time.

Their will be as I have said for some time – NO DEMOGRAPHIC of Health, Medical, Fitness or Sport left behind as the program can be delivered using very beginner to advanced levels. The benefits & simple appeal of Balance Walking is that it is so easy to do and that the positive endorphin’s serve to keep ones desire high.

Wow this is a great time for coaches — TO CAPITALIZE ON THE NO COST .4 ACE CECs, as well as those whom want to become walk leaders in their community or even at work.

American Council on Exercise Walking not enough time

I do want to include the survet article that speaks to regular walking not being done for enough time and intensity to garner the most desired benefits  The American Council on Exercise

4 Pillars with a great ROI

Certifying Balance Walking leaders with .4 ACE CECs at NO COST – simply register to join the NEXT FITNESS WAVE of this MILLENNIUM.

You will be providing an additional low cost dimension to your health, fitness, recreation or medical programs today. In fact self-funded in many cases. All those on the ground floor of the program will be given many more perks.

Balance Walking Beginner: Poles-Technical-Toning-Stretching

This is a Limited NO COST offer. Send an email to and type in the subject line – Learn More Blog  / Balance Walking.

We are having an amazing response from; Drs, Parks and Rec Departments, Fitness Clubs, Retirement Communities, Hospitals and more whom all are desiring to get started as soon as possible.

8 Week Balance Walking Publisher Study is a Success and continues on…

A quick update with a few photos from our 8 week publisher study completed with woman from all over the US. They all ranged in ages from 35-65, were desiring weight loss and not a regular exerciser. The Publication with results and testimonials will be available very soon. Though the study is complete; most participants are continuing to walk daily, eat healthy, tone and give themselves quiet time.

We will be continuing with the next phase of  the program by offered an  opportunity to all participants to become walk leaders or coaches by simply registering online. All these program materials to them will be at no cost.  As new walk leaders or coaches they will be provided all the marketing materials including a webpage to promote their program. And to help them grow their neighborhood and or work site program they will be provided all the Poles and Accessories at wholesale.

We are for a limited time offering .4ACE CECs to become a Certified Balance Walking Coach to all professionals and organizations whom would like to get started today.

Pennsylvania Balance Walkers in 8 Week Study
Pennsylvania Balance Walkers in 8 Week Study

Colorado Walker in Liberty 5K
Colorado Walker in Liberty 5K
Balance Walkers in Iowa in 8 Week Study

Publisher 15 Minutes a Day Wellness Weight Loss Study

Come join Woman 40 – 60 for the Publisher Wellness Weight Loss Study

Planned to begin  mid to late April

We will be organizing local groups, training, tracking results and preparing for articles in a major publication ( the name will be released soon ) for all those who qualify to participate using the Balance Walking Program over an 8 week period. The program will go on beyond 8 weeks for those who would like, as we believe most will be hooked and walking daily. Time is running out however…

Group of Walkers in March

The response has been overwhelming!

A Great Opportunity to Join our Program to Lose Weight and Improve your Health Today!

Tell Me More!

You + Poles = Results! You will be using Balance Walking poles along with a special surprise component (limited number of groups)! You will have the motivation and momentum of your group!  You will need minimum of 15minutes a day! You will experience:

  • Low Impact Aerobics
  • Strength & Stretch
  • Quiet Time
  • Suggested Healthy Eating guidelines / goals
  • Fun!!!

The Publisher of several well known Health and Wellness Magazines will be writing articles and tracking you in our 8 week supervised program.  We will be using 6-8 groups from around the US composed of 8 – 12 participants. There will be much interest, so do not hesitate to join us.

The Publisher will soon provide us with the next steps. In the mean time simply commit, so you do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Where can you help?

  • You can help locate or recommend in your local area a coach, wellness professional, or Dr who would have interest in supervising your group training and tracking for 8 weeks.
  • You must be willing to help locate other women ages 40 – 60ish who are looking to lose weight and increase fitness.
  • You can recommend others who want to join the program. Others that do not meet the criteria can participate, just not officially. Example: Moms with husbands, neighbors, Fitness advocates, etc.
  • You are not a conditioned participant (highly fit).
  • You need to be willing to train daily, track progress and provide testimonials.
  • You at this stage only need to contact Terry Kennedy the Executive Director of Balance Walking at .

Provide your name, age, address, phone to begin today.

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Play Now or Pay Later

I read a great insightful post today in one of the many Diabetes News alerts I receive daily. We all know that the way of living today is full of stress and even more imbalances. These things of course just set us in to a tail spin towards Diabetes. The good news is that Type 2 diabetes can be impacted in a positive way today.

This link I am including here will make you think today about several needs to change now for our children.  Who knows it may lead to more time together when home as a family taking long walks, or simply just playing outside together.  There will be no question that Sitting for long periods of time will begin to have restrictions – just like cellphones and Texting.

Let me share more of my thoughts about this article before you read….

Being Left Out is Being Left Behind
Being Left Out is Being Left Behind

Also while reading the link think about the next time your child goes off to school…

Remember as well that moving as an activity (exercise) of choice comes easier when initiated from a place of happiness…

Think about it?

Not to confuse this with working off your stress as this is really different…

The article highlights being ostracized in the classroom setting…

Introvert or extravert or…

Being left out, is the 1st step to being Left Behind.

In cycling we call that being DROPPED (those whom ride hard know that this is not where you want to be).

I believe the key is to raise children up to be Encouragers, God knows we can benefit…

Moms, Dads and Teachers are the front line to initiating healthy engaging changes.

So lets Play Together Now or Pay Later… Children Who Feel Ostracized Are Less Likely to Be Physically Active Click here

Toronto Canada Nordic Walking

Great video from Toronto Canada which shows just how popular Nordic Walking in North America is becoming… Click link video.html?v=2163491747&p=5&s=dd#top+stories

Nordic Walking the Next Fitness Wave
Nordic Walking the Next Fitness Wave

Wow, every week now I am beginning to hear and see people excited as they take the once standard Walking exercise and add Poles. These Poles are being used for specific; rehabilitation therapies, wellness programming for disease processes such as diabetes, arthritis, neuromuscular challenges and of course cardiovascular-related diseases. All of these health challenges need an activity at some point like Nordic Walking because the ease at which one can coordinate this repetitive movement for significant health gains is remarkable!

This is the icing on the cake… Nordic Walking allows you to start at every level of Fitness, whether you might be looking to lose weight and or gain average to elite levels of conditioning. One of the most appealing factors is that by adding the Poles to Walking and practicing the easily learned technique, you find quickly that improved conditioning takes less time than most all other fitness products and programs. Nordic Walking is not better than other exercise, but I will guarantee that it simply has no limitations…

Nordic Walking Uphill
Nordic Walking Uphill

An amazing fact is 90% muscle activation will be achieved with relatively low physical exertion when compared to the 60-70% muscle activation of regular walking. In other words, you get “more for less.” Physical therapist, doctors, fitness coaches and likely your neighbors everywhere are all just now discovering this fantastically simple and effective fitness tool. No demographic of health, fitness, age, and coordination level is going to be left behind.

Please join us today, just jump into the next walking wave, by getting in touch with Terry Kennedy at . He will advise you of the best starting point based on your needs; with proper fitted poles, instructional materials, and available coaches or walk leaders.

Concourse Athletic Club — Sunday Walk in Grant Park — Atlanta, Georgia

Concourse Athletic Club goes Balance Walking
Concourse Athletic Club gets ready for 3miles

Sandy Logsdon

Yesterdays walk was a blast..  Fourteen people and their poles trekked over 3 miles through beautiful Grant Park on the most gorgeous fall day. We were fortunate to have Terry Kennedy,(the guru of balance walking) join us with his family.  Terrys passion and enthusiasm for balance walking was an added motivation for our seasoned pole walkers and even our first time beginner pole walkers.
It was Boo at the Zoo day, Halloween costumes were everywhere, children and their parents were dressed for the event, the Farmers market was open, two guys were drumming on empty plastic paint buckets, an acoustic harmonica player was off to one side, the playground was full, people were walking their dogs, there was a little boot camp set up on on the side of a hill , the parking lot was overflowing and the fabulous bungalow homes were decorated for the season  I feel confident that when people went home that afternoon the thing that was talked about most was “that group of people with the poles”!  That’s not something you see everyday! And YES, we are bringing the fanny packs   back!

Concourse Athletic Club goes Balance Walking
Concourse Athletic Club takes a quick break
So thanks to all for walking with us. Thanks for driving the distance and making the time to launch the First walk of the new “WALK THIS WAY” club.
Special thanks to Tracy Meazell, who had worked until 1:00am the night before, for walking with us.  Talk about dedication.  Tracy has a great walk planned for November in the woods ( no rubber tips ) at Leita Thompson Park in Roswell.

On an instructor note, if anyone had any soreness or pain from the walk yesterday please let us know.  It was a longer walk than recommended for the first time walkers with poles, and it is always a good idea to stretch afterward.
I enjoyed being with everyone and look forward to our walks! (and stretching!).

An Apple a Day is a Start

In fact the New Plate for Nutrition has replaced the My Pyramid. I never liked it as the facts were hidden in a shape that was not reality. The New Plate is just that, a Plate. 1/2 the plate is covered with Fruits and Vegetables. How does 7 – 13 fruits and vegetables sound…

My Plate

Out with the Old

My Pyramid

And here is a great video to pass on to your principles, head masters and your school board…

An Apple a Day is not enough