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25th Annual Walk/Race for the Cure


Balance Walking is proud to support the Susan G. Komen-Atlanta mission to enable women to detect and survive breast cancer. Balance Walking is donating $20 to Komen-Atlanta for every set of poles sold- just type “donate” in the message box  found on this link

Come join us and help support research to prevent and cure breast cancer. Together we can make the end of breast cancer a reality. We are offering free training sessions every Wednesday at noon, from now until May 9th – Race Day. Let’s get ready together, to make the one mile or five mile walk. Just come by Balance Walkings Corporate office before 12 on Wednesdays at 104 Interstate North Parkway East, Atlanta, 30339, or join our group.

Start Your Group Today
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Adding poles to a walk is beneficial for everyone, because it engages almost all the muscles in the body including the core. Balance Walking has the increased benefit, for Breast Cancer Survivors, of rebuilding the muscles in the chest that can decrease after surgery. Survivors who added poles to their walk, increased their upper body strength up to 47%. The poles increase the good in the body like cardiovascular performance, calorie burn, alignment and good posture. The poles decrease the negatives like the perceived level of exertion, stress on joints, while alleviating tension in neck and shoulders.

Try to walk and move every hour or two. This keeps the oxygen levels high, which will keep your energy levels up. If you are able to walk in an area with trees – hiking is ideal.

Balance Walking poles are a tangible reminder to get up and move your body.

“Why We Balance Walk” Survey Says More U.S. Adults are Walking, But Still Not Enough

Let me share some things that will begin to shed light on ” WHY WE BALANCE WALK?”

Another great confirmation to the benefits of Balance Walking that began in May of 2012 with the 8 week Publisher Study; which is now complete, along with the final results and the recent article in the October issue of Prevention Magazine. We are about to change “How We Walk Worldwide.” Pick up the October issue, as you walk by it weekly at the Supermarket and explore “How and Why We Balance Walk.” And upon reading, join those whom have gone to the Balance Walking Store to order their Poles. Make sure to take advantage of the discount code in the Prevention article. We are as well sending ongoing instructional and motivational materials so that all the Balance Walkers can be successful.

Taking a Break at Work with Balance Walking for 15 minutes
Taking a Break at Work with Balance Walking for 15 minutes

I will share just a few of the contributing factors to creating such an amazing influx of new Balance Walkers. I speak personally to about every 10 or so Pole orders that post and ask why they decided to try Balance Walking.  The answers go from; those with stability and balance challenges, those with desire to do something healthy again in their day, those whom want to lose weight, those that want to be together as a family, those that are athletes that need more diverse training and the list goes on… I generally asked them to get back with me in a week or two to share their experience.  They followup by email and phone with such enthusiasm and accolades of the Poles and Program I just have to grin. Everything that was contributing to a negative quality of life challenge for them ( knees, back, stress, weight, attitude, desire, etc… ) is now being expressed to me with all the positive daily changes. They are as well telling me that their friends, neighbors, and colleagues at work are asking to to join them with their own Poles.

I believe that this kind of positive change will literally become a worldwide phenomena. This is the ” Next Fitness and Health Wave in this Millennium.”tk

Do I sound positive? Yes!!!  After 40 years in the health and fitness business as an innovator, athlete, public speaker and executive, I say humbly, you just know that this is the Right Time and the Right Thing, Right Now…

All of us want to do something healthy in our day, even if its just to taking a walk. The greatest find for 1000s of new Balance Walkers is that by adding Poles, we have discovered the facts are you can achieve much more in less time than regular walking. There are countless Walking Poles studies on the Web showing the positive influence of the poles medically and physically. With that I have reached out to Doctors around the world whom are confirming and advocating to me that the addition of the Balance Walking Poles to every ones daily health and fitness routine would be a tremendous regiment. With the Balance Walking Book as a guide to the other Wellness Pillars we know that the small healthy changes over time will last a life time.

Their will be as I have said for some time – NO DEMOGRAPHIC of Health, Medical, Fitness or Sport left behind as the program can be delivered using very beginner to advanced levels. The benefits & simple appeal of Balance Walking is that it is so easy to do and that the positive endorphin’s serve to keep ones desire high.

Wow this is a great time for coaches — TO CAPITALIZE ON THE NO COST .4 ACE CECs, as well as those whom want to become walk leaders in their community or even at work.

American Council on Exercise Walking not enough time

I do want to include the survet article that speaks to regular walking not being done for enough time and intensity to garner the most desired benefits  The American Council on Exercise

8 Week Balance Walking Publisher Study is a Success and continues on…

A quick update with a few photos from our 8 week publisher study completed with woman from all over the US. They all ranged in ages from 35-65, were desiring weight loss and not a regular exerciser. The Publication with results and testimonials will be available very soon. Though the study is complete; most participants are continuing to walk daily, eat healthy, tone and give themselves quiet time.

We will be continuing with the next phase of  the program by offered an  opportunity to all participants to become walk leaders or coaches by simply registering online. All these program materials to them will be at no cost.  As new walk leaders or coaches they will be provided all the marketing materials including a webpage to promote their program. And to help them grow their neighborhood and or work site program they will be provided all the Poles and Accessories at wholesale.

We are for a limited time offering .4ACE CECs to become a Certified Balance Walking Coach to all professionals and organizations whom would like to get started today.

Pennsylvania Balance Walkers in 8 Week Study
Pennsylvania Balance Walkers in 8 Week Study

Colorado Walker in Liberty 5K
Colorado Walker in Liberty 5K
Balance Walkers in Iowa in 8 Week Study

Susan G Komen for the Cure in step with Balance Walking

Komen Affiliates Increase Participation & Fundraising

Pink Year Round for Better Health
Pink Year Round for Better Health

Balance Walking is a Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Corporate Sponsor and is excited to work with ‘All Affiliates’ to help grow their community outreach. Presently, in the SGK Participant Center used by individuals and teams located online contains some great resources to help increase fundraising. One resource area is labeled, 101 Great Ideas, which helps participants by suggesting creative ideas to help increase donations. Now with our partnership is the perfect time to take advantage of the “Pink Pole Balance Walking Program as the 102nd Great Idea!” In fact, we believe this will double participation and fundraising in local communities year round.

One neat thing about Balance Walking is that it creates curiosity and excitement without detracting from the Susan G Komens current schedule of events and programs. Integrating the poles brings an additional dimension to any Komen Event and will boost individual or team donations. The poles are guaranteed to attract attention and elicit questions, such as…

What are you doing?

First let me use my experience; as I confidently respond – “well one mile with these poles gives me the benefits of nearly 2 miles of regular walking (this is just one of the many benefit examples. You will also increase calorie burn to 90% muscle activation versus 60-70% of regular walking). The benefits come so quickly that I walk with the poles for 5, 10, 15minutes or more if I have time.” This eliminates the excuse – I have no TIME! And guess what their response is almost every time – more questions!

Where can I get the Poles?

This is a perfect opportunity to explain the partnership between Balance Poles and Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. We suggest letting all who ask; to know that $5 from each sale stays in the community and another $5 goes to the national office for breast cancer research. Order the Susan G Komen Poles Online easily or visit a participating Foot Solutions. This Question is usually followed with…

Where can I learn How to use Poles?

And of course I tell them; it’s easy with an online video, community walking groups, as I hand them an Invite Card.

Then of course, more questions – when and where does your group walk? As I hand them a 5 x 7 invite card, I also get their name and contact information for follow-up. And if you have an extra set of poles show them how and invite them back to use them as loaner poles until they make their purchase online. We suggest that individuals or team members work with their local Affiliate office to use the online tools to promote their group. Starting their own Meetup online is easy and very inexpensive ( We suggest calling the Meetup “Pink Pole Balance Walking / (list area or team name here).

Sometimes people just want to get started and learn how and walk on their own where they live or work.

Look 1 ask a Friend, then it became 7

Susan G Komen 5k Atlanta Pink Team
Susan G Komen 5k Atlanta Pink Team

What’s The Next Step?

  • Contact: Your Local Susan G Komen Affiliate or Terry Kennedy at 770-916-5996
  • Email:
  • Spread the Word! Enlist 5 or more supporters who may be interested in learning more and who would like to help grow your Teams Fundraising Goals Year Round

Here is a great video for promotion

New Research shows Regular Exercise is Key in Prevention and Recovery of Cancer

“Exercise is the Best Medicine.”

Exercise is Medicine

Yes, we all are hoping that researchers can find a cure to cancer. Many of us are at some point in our lives, touched by cancer – whether it is our family, friends or even ourselves. So while seeking a cure we are now finding more and more research evidence that says – “Exercise is the Best Medicine.”

Teaching Balance Walking to Group

We are gaining headline attention by using phrases like; “Magic Pill” or “Wonder Drug” to describe the positive effects of Exercise over Cancer. That worries me to the extent that, catchy marketing media phrases used to draw attention can also turn people away from exercise. Remember – the old “too good to be true” line. I am more comfortable with leading others to exercise with one of Jack’s “LaLanne-isms.” He once said, “Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” Having said that, some things never change, and our human nature unfortunately only moves when we can get something for nothing, threatened, or are afraid of losing something.

macmillan cancer support logo

For years, we’ve known that a healthy diet and regular physical exercise is key to preventing cancer. The latest research is finding that for those who have already suffered from cancer, physical exercise can dramatically help with cancer patients’ recovery and long-term health. Macmillan Cancer Support, a British cancer charity, stated in a report that just 150 minutes of moderate exercise such as walking or gardening per week could reduce a breast cancer patient’s risk of recurrence or dying by 40 percent, reduce a prostate cancer patient’s risk of dying by 30 percent, and also help counteract negative cancer side effects such as fatigue, depression, osteoporosis and heart disease for all cancer patients. Additionally, getting more physical exercise can reduce the risk of colon cancer by as much as 50 percent.

Many Health Professionals Unaware of Benefits

However, despite strong emerging evidence that being physically active could dramatically improve cancer patients’ recovery and long-term health, a Macmillan online survey of 400 health professionals who deal with cancer patients found that many are not aware of this and most are not talking to their patients about it. Over half of the primary care doctors, nurses, and oncologists surveyed do not speak to their cancer patients about the benefits of physical activity, or at best they speak to just a few of them.

Ciaran Devane, chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support, says, “Cancer patients would be shocked if they knew just how much benefit physical activity could have on their recovery and long-term health, in some cases reducing their chances of having to go through the grueling ordeal of treatment all over again.”

Exercise Not Just an Add-on to Care

According to Jane Maher, chief medical officer of Macmillan Cancer Support, “The advice I would previously have given to one of my patients would have been to ‘take it easy.’ This has now changed significantly because of the recognition that, if physical exercise were a drug, it would be hitting the headlines. There really needs to be a cultural change so that health professionals see physical activity as an integral part of cancer after-care, not just an optional add-on.” The Macmillan Cancer Support has created and is providing online many great tools and references that can be used when you are ready to begin exercise. One is the Move More Pack is a complete guide to becoming more active.

Balance Walking is Exercise for Everyone

We are training Masters, Coaches and Walk Leaders to teach and mentor new Balance Walkers beginning in the US and around the world. One of our new initiatives is to provide all of the local Susan G Komen Affiliates an Exercise and Prevention activity, by using the Poles for all their events, active walkers and supporters. In fact, even those who can not participate in the Komen Events, will support SGK with each pair of Balance Walking Poles purchased be directing a portion to go to Curing Breast Cancer.

Pole Walking group in park

Contact Terry Kennedy at to get started with your Balance Walking Poles and program. It’s easy to learn, it’s for everyone and of course it’s a great exercise. If you might consider regular walking, then you will be excited to know that the benefits are multiplied almost 2 times when you grab your poles and move for as little as 5minutes at time.

Get Healthy — Get Exercise

Breast Cancer – New Research Findings

In keeping with searching for answers I like to bring awareness in resources as they come available like this one linked here that support being active.  This article discusses findings and in essence states “When a cancer patient reports persistent fatigue following treatment, it is something that deserves attention.  It may be a symptom of other things that matter.”

Balance Walking because of each of the 4 pillars that involve more than just the physical activity of planting poles and moving, we believe the positive contributions to those challenged with good health may benefit with Balance Walking, in improved health, in that moment and beyond…

Balance Walking community outreach and Susan G Komen for the Cure

Start Your Group Today

Great news with the Balance Walking Poles and Susan G Komen Affiliates… With the addition of several great tools and ideas we can help you start your own local group in your workplace or neighborhood… In fact last week we started another Pink Pole Balance Walking group that started at the Silver Comet Trail in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday @ 9a.m… In the 3 days prior to the Meetup 12 people signed up to participate… This walk will occur each Saturday at 9am for those that rsvp… We start with instruction and warm-up at the Silver Comet Depot… If Saturday does not work we will create other groups that may desire other days and times…

These walks are open to everyone that can walk whom wants to get more out of walking…  Simply go to to Meetup – Join – RSVP and we will provide the loaner poles, instruction and motivation… If you have questions go ahead and send an email to Terry Kennedy at …

Lastly, let’s not forget that we are beginning to receive requests from Susan G Komen for the Cure participants and local affiliates, asking to help them create new and grow existing groups… And yes this provides unlimited year round walkers… Wait till you see the cool poles…. And yes up to 10.00 will go to Susan G Komen for the Cure and your Local Affiliate… Your Poles and Book

Balance Walking MeetUp Is A Go With Glo

7.22.10 jpeg_meetup_logo_200_white_1 the proven best existing online tool to help others get together for virtually anything. I have beta tested for many months with great results. Now I am recommending and rolling this great tool out to our Balance Walking Coaches and Walk Leaders as best practice.  To Start or Join a Balance Walking Group is so easy; to Promote, to Invite and to Grow. And, yes the site is user friendly. You will see the Balance Walking Wave popping up every area of the country.

Glo Winters a Master Coach in Georgia dropped me a note the other day –

“Terry, since I wanted to Balance Walk for my own health and fitness, I started a walking group on Meet Up and now have a regular walking schedule and friends to join me every day!  I enjoy introducing Balance Walking to others so they can experience the great benefits of this superior exercise, and, have more friends to walk with.  This year I plan to walk the Atlanta 3 Day with a couple of friends and, of course, we will be training for and walking the entire event with our beautiful pink SGK poles!

7.22.10 IMG_4149
I would recommend for anyone looking to get started to jump in, and if you need help give me a shout or of course send a note on to Terry to help you get started. My Balance Walking Group is in the Cummings, Georgia area. ( )”

And, of course, shoot me an email at or a call to 770-916-5996 if you are ready to get started.

ACE CECs Now being offered for the Premier of Balance Walking Education Program

The Balance Walking Education Program has just been approved by ACE as a Continuing Education Provider. You will be well pleased with the timing of the release with our new partnerships and compensation program when you register as a Master or Coach.

6.3.10 ACEApproved_JPG_color

You will now receive 0.4 credits by registering at Ace Website click here. The Course is an online format for convenience. The course will equip and encourage you to implement your own individual, group and corporate program, using the tools to deliver the best knowledge and teaching technical expertise for a beginning to an advanced program. We will provide your demo starter package to include: Balance Walking Poles, video access, fanny pack, all the necessary curriculum study and business tools to help you promote and grow your business using our Online Marketing Directory.

Why do you want to move on this today? Because by mentioning this post, you will receive the Complete Balance Walking Education Program with a great discount.

We have been answering an influx of inquiries from those who want to learn how and where and have a desire to use their Walking Poles with other walkers. A few weeks back, over18,000 people turned out for Atlanta’s 20th annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!

We had a nice team who was pumped to use their Susan G. Komen Pink Poles.

Everyone met many passionate walkers and runners impacted by breast cancer. The touching talks – watch the event on video and come out next year!

And, of course, shoot me an email at or a call to 770-916-5996 if you are ready to get started.

Komen Race for the Cure this weekend at Atlantic Station

Yes, it’s going to be a Pink Mother’s Day Weekend in Atlanta. In this local Affiliate Event, we have Coaches and Walk Leaders (who have raised awareness and funds for Susan G Komen) participate with their teams using the new Pink Poles. In fact, we are supporting Susan G Komen with all the new Coaches and Walk Leaders that come on board worldwide all year long.

Every pair of Pink Poles purchased adds another $5.00 to the Cure. Balance Walking is a sponsored program at Foot Solutions committed to grow $100,000 with walkers by the end of 2011. And to help this along, we are putting in place a goal of 1000 Coaches and Walk Leaders. This, as well, is great for all of those who are looking to maintain ACE CECs by taking additional study.

The additional support the Balance Walking Education program brings is a Win Win Win…

*WIN – Coaches and Walk Leaders in communities around the world will bring additional support by training and leading others in Walking Groups for a cure for Breast Cancer.

*WIN – Coaches and Walk Leaders in communities around the world will bring the additional motivation in others to live healthy lives everyday with the cornerstone of Prevention.

*And with the Next Fitness Wave in this Millennium we will impact every generation for a lifetime, so let’s move. Remember a body in motion tends to stay in motion

Here is a local Fox News broadcast talking about the Komen Race for the Cure….

See more …