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Publisher 15 Minutes a Day Wellness Weight Loss Study

Come join Woman 40 – 60 for the Publisher Wellness Weight Loss Study

Planned to begin  mid to late April

We will be organizing local groups, training, tracking results and preparing for articles in a major publication ( the name will be released soon ) for all those who qualify to participate using the Balance Walking Program over an 8 week period. The program will go on beyond 8 weeks for those who would like, as we believe most will be hooked and walking daily. Time is running out however…

Group of Walkers in March

The response has been overwhelming!

A Great Opportunity to Join our Program to Lose Weight and Improve your Health Today!

Tell Me More!

You + Poles = Results! You will be using Balance Walking poles along with a special surprise component (limited number of groups)! You will have the motivation and momentum of your group!  You will need minimum of 15minutes a day! You will experience:

  • Low Impact Aerobics
  • Strength & Stretch
  • Quiet Time
  • Suggested Healthy Eating guidelines / goals
  • Fun!!!

The Publisher of several well known Health and Wellness Magazines will be writing articles and tracking you in our 8 week supervised program.  We will be using 6-8 groups from around the US composed of 8 – 12 participants. There will be much interest, so do not hesitate to join us.

The Publisher will soon provide us with the next steps. In the mean time simply commit, so you do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Where can you help?

  • You can help locate or recommend in your local area a coach, wellness professional, or Dr who would have interest in supervising your group training and tracking for 8 weeks.
  • You must be willing to help locate other women ages 40 – 60ish who are looking to lose weight and increase fitness.
  • You can recommend others who want to join the program. Others that do not meet the criteria can participate, just not officially. Example: Moms with husbands, neighbors, Fitness advocates, etc.
  • You are not a conditioned participant (highly fit).
  • You need to be willing to train daily, track progress and provide testimonials.
  • You at this stage only need to contact Terry Kennedy the Executive Director of Balance Walking at tkennedy@balancewalking.com .

Provide your name, age, address, phone to begin today.

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Concourse Athletic Club — Sunday Walk in Grant Park — Atlanta, Georgia

Concourse Athletic Club goes Balance Walking
Concourse Athletic Club gets ready for 3miles

Sandy Logsdon

Yesterdays walk was a blast..  Fourteen people and their poles trekked over 3 miles through beautiful Grant Park on the most gorgeous fall day. We were fortunate to have Terry Kennedy,(the guru of balance walking) join us with his family.  Terrys passion and enthusiasm for balance walking was an added motivation for our seasoned pole walkers and even our first time beginner pole walkers.
It was Boo at the Zoo day, Halloween costumes were everywhere, children and their parents were dressed for the event, the Farmers market was open, two guys were drumming on empty plastic paint buckets, an acoustic harmonica player was off to one side, the playground was full, people were walking their dogs, there was a little boot camp set up on on the side of a hill , the parking lot was overflowing and the fabulous bungalow homes were decorated for the season  I feel confident that when people went home that afternoon the thing that was talked about most was “that group of people with the poles”!  That’s not something you see everyday! And YES, we are bringing the fanny packs   back!

Concourse Athletic Club goes Balance Walking
Concourse Athletic Club takes a quick break
So thanks to all for walking with us. Thanks for driving the distance and making the time to launch the First walk of the new “WALK THIS WAY” club.
Special thanks to Tracy Meazell, who had worked until 1:00am the night before, for walking with us.  Talk about dedication.  Tracy has a great walk planned for November in the woods ( no rubber tips ) at Leita Thompson Park in Roswell.

On an instructor note, if anyone had any soreness or pain from the walk yesterday please let us know.  It was a longer walk than recommended for the first time walkers with poles, and it is always a good idea to stretch afterward.
I enjoyed being with everyone and look forward to our walks! (and stretching!).

Concourse Athletic Club Begins Balance Walking Program!

Concourse Athletic Club 1st in the country to receive 0.4 ACE CECs for Balance Walking Education Program.

Members of the Concourse Athletic Club hit the beautiful streets and sidewalks around the King and Queen Towers in Sandy Springs, Georgia with a brand new Balance Walking Fitness Program.   Concourse Athletic Club is the first fitness club in America to adopt this program using specially designed walking poles which will become part of their membership fitness programming. In fact, they will be the first to learn one more announcement (check back soon) as Terry Kennedy will be working directly with their Director of Group Exercise, Marianne Baker, and her amazing talent along side several Masters.

The Concourse Athletic Club’s executive team and personal trainers completed the course program to receive .4 ACE (American Council of Exercise) CECs to become Balance Walking Coaches.  The program consisted of curriculum materials, a 41 question test, a video review and business platform tools.

The training they experienced can be taught personally by a Master Balance Walking Coach or can be learned from an online study course. The program includes self instruction/study/practice/video included in the ACE training package. If using your poles does not feel natural, it is an indication that one or more technical Questions are in need of attention.

The Balance Walking Program can be tailored to any age or fitness level.  Balance Walking can be a wonderful start for weight loss clients, athletes, or someone who has never exercised before. The Atlanta Athletic Club is planning on using Balance Walking as a cross exercise for their water aerobic classes as well as an outreach program for the club.

With poles in hand and a little instruction from their Balance Walking Coaches at the Concourse Athletic Club, members will be walking towards better health and lifestyle!

We are bringing on new Masters to instruct the online or in person Education Program. Masters are compensated for the time required to help an applicant become a Coach or Walk Leader. All who are interested can contact your nearest Master listed at http://coaches.balancewalking.com or email Terry Kennedy

Glo Winters, a Balance Walking Master was responsible for helping the CAC , and would be happy to get you started as well. Give her a shout ufcglo@att.net

Concourse Athletic Club Balance Walking