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Publisher 15 Minutes a Day Wellness Weight Loss Study

Come join Woman 40 – 60 for the Publisher Wellness Weight Loss Study

Planned to begin  mid to late April

We will be organizing local groups, training, tracking results and preparing for articles in a major publication ( the name will be released soon ) for all those who qualify to participate using the Balance Walking Program over an 8 week period. The program will go on beyond 8 weeks for those who would like, as we believe most will be hooked and walking daily. Time is running out however…

Group of Walkers in March

The response has been overwhelming!

A Great Opportunity to Join our Program to Lose Weight and Improve your Health Today!

Tell Me More!

You + Poles = Results! You will be using Balance Walking poles along with a special surprise component (limited number of groups)! You will have the motivation and momentum of your group!  You will need minimum of 15minutes a day! You will experience:

  • Low Impact Aerobics
  • Strength & Stretch
  • Quiet Time
  • Suggested Healthy Eating guidelines / goals
  • Fun!!!

The Publisher of several well known Health and Wellness Magazines will be writing articles and tracking you in our 8 week supervised program.  We will be using 6-8 groups from around the US composed of 8 – 12 participants. There will be much interest, so do not hesitate to join us.

The Publisher will soon provide us with the next steps. In the mean time simply commit, so you do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Where can you help?

  • You can help locate or recommend in your local area a coach, wellness professional, or Dr who would have interest in supervising your group training and tracking for 8 weeks.
  • You must be willing to help locate other women ages 40 – 60ish who are looking to lose weight and increase fitness.
  • You can recommend others who want to join the program. Others that do not meet the criteria can participate, just not officially. Example: Moms with husbands, neighbors, Fitness advocates, etc.
  • You are not a conditioned participant (highly fit).
  • You need to be willing to train daily, track progress and provide testimonials.
  • You at this stage only need to contact Terry Kennedy the Executive Director of Balance Walking at tkennedy@balancewalking.com .

Provide your name, age, address, phone to begin today.

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Balance Walking is Inclusive All Ages and Abilities

Lack of activity and poor nutrition deliver a full plate of consequences today…

Obesity and Disease seems to be front page news everyday. We hear over and over, “Get Moving and Eat Healthy.” It’s clear this is a challenge. Yet, Balance Walking is an activity that’s easily done. No matter the age or ability, it takes very little time commitment. It is begins with the15minutes that keeps on giving, because of your muscle recruitment in the upper body. You can turn that1mile of walking with Balance Walking Poles in to the equivalent of nearly 2 miles of regular walking (depending on effort and skill). It is all inclusive for any level of fitness. It’s easy. It’s fun and extremely beneficial. It provides the momentum we all need for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

All Ages can use Poles

Health and Fitness Business & Parks and Recreation Systems getting on-board…

I recently had numerous collaborative conversations with over dozen executives from the US and China in the Health and Fitness Business, as well as the Parks and Recreation Systems. These professionals serve all areas such as; private, non-profit, city, state, and federal as well as serving the needs of those who have physical and/or socio-economic challenges. These collaborations have me convinced that this is the right time for Balance Walking. Each one of these individuals wants to learn more as well as where to get the poles. My belief with these responses confirms again that Balance Walking is the “Next Fitness Wave of this Millennium”.

Poles for all sizes and ages... Mom will love it

Referred to as Nordic Walking or Pole Walking or…

Many are hearing more and more about Nordic Walking or Pole Walking as it is now beginning to seen and talked about in the US.  Balance Walking  encompasses many of the various pole techniques used in Nordic/Pole Walking from around the world. Varying the techniques when using your poles to deliver a safe, fitness and health exercise simply accommodates everyone. This activity will always deliver more and include the formulation for a balanced lifestyle – healthy eating, stress reduction, strength/flexibility and of course, the all important cardiovascular exercise.

Great parks to grab your poles and go

Poor Health an Epidemic in US is not a secret.

A great video from the CDC was recently completed emphasizing what I believe; in we are creating a nation with new physical dimensions and disease challenges out of control. The statistics are revealing – “Obesity costs this country about $150 billion a year, or almost 10 percent of the national medical budget. Approximately one in three adults and one in six children are obese. Obesity is epidemic in the United States today and a major cause of death, attributable to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes”. The epidemic of poor health is pointing to answers that start first with making better activity and nutrition choices; beginning at home, in our schools, in childcare facilities, work sites and our communities.

Those that live with health challenges can begin today by asking themselves this question. How long will I permit this train wreck to literally run out of control before I make better choices in healthy activity and eating for myself? The CDC video and others similarly do well at pointing to the problems, yet the vital component needs a spark and fuel to sustain better health for everyone. The spark is an army of excited advocates and mentors saying, “let’s go and make a difference now and tomorrow”.

Balance Walking Poles and Program

Contact Terry Kennedy at tkennedy@balancewalking.com to get started with your Balance Walking Poles and Program. It’s easy to learn, it’s for everyone and of course it’s a great exercise. If you might consider regular walking, then you will be excited to know that the benefits are multiplied almost 2 times when you grab your poles and move for as little as 5, 10 or 15minutes at time.

Get Healthy — Get Exercise

Komen Race for the Cure this weekend at Atlantic Station

Yes, it’s going to be a Pink Mother’s Day Weekend in Atlanta. In this local Affiliate Event, we have Coaches and Walk Leaders (who have raised awareness and funds for Susan G Komen) participate with their teams using the new Pink Poles. In fact, we are supporting Susan G Komen with all the new Coaches and Walk Leaders that come on board worldwide all year long.

Every pair of Pink Poles purchased adds another $5.00 to the Cure. Balance Walking is a sponsored program at Foot Solutions committed to grow $100,000 with walkers by the end of 2011. And to help this along, we are putting in place a goal of 1000 Coaches and Walk Leaders. This, as well, is great for all of those who are looking to maintain ACE CECs by taking additional study.

The additional support the Balance Walking Education program brings is a Win Win Win…

*WIN – Coaches and Walk Leaders in communities around the world will bring additional support by training and leading others in Walking Groups for a cure for Breast Cancer.

*WIN – Coaches and Walk Leaders in communities around the world will bring the additional motivation in others to live healthy lives everyday with the cornerstone of Prevention.

*And with the Next Fitness Wave in this Millennium we will impact every generation for a lifetime, so let’s move. Remember a body in motion tends to stay in motion

Here is a local Fox News broadcast talking about the Komen Race for the Cure….

See more …

Susan G Komen Pink Pole Balance Walking Program is taking shape!

You will love the Pink Poles and make loads of new friends

Where? Worldwide! When? Everyday! Why? Breast Cancer! Who? You and You and You!

Let’s get your Pink Poles! We have alternate colors, too!

They’re grabbing the Pink Poles in Atlanta, too Walking Talking doing what they love, to help be part of the Cure for Breast Cancer living a life grounded in Health & Prevention. Many of our walkers have been impacted by breast cancer and Balance Walking is a great way to help a survivor lead a more active life.

They even personalized their group with the name – CHICKS WITH STICKS 3-Day team. Come be part of their team by contacting Glo Winters, glo@myhealthystrides.com .

You want to start your own team, then contact Terry Kennedy, the Director Worldwide at tkennedy@balancewalking.com .

4.14.10 pinkgirls 006
Glo Winters, Deanna Elzey, Betty Ewing

Here is their story

Our team captain, Betty Ewing, knows what it means to hear the words “breast cancer” and to experience it firsthand. From her courage in facing this vicious foe our team was formed to walk by her side, in her honor and in honor of many other strangers, acquaintances, friends, best friends, relatives and family members who have also had to fight this battle. We walk for those in the future who will face this enemy. This is our 2nd walk for the cure and we hope that our passion, efforts and commitment to raise money to join the 3 Day 60 Mile Walk again in October will provide not only the funds but the answers, research and the cure to defeat this terrible disease once and for all. Our prayer is that no more wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, friends or best friends will be lost or suffer from breast cancer ever again.

We walk with pink Balance Walking poles because not only do we desire a cure but we want to promote prevention. It is important for everyone to make a health focused lifestyle a priority. We believe in creating healthy habits – one of which is consistent exercise. Please help our team by purchasing a fundraiser card and if you are interested in Pink Pole Balance Walking you can help us even more. With each set of Pink Poles you purchase Foot Solutions will donate $5 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® with a minimum donation of $100,000 by 2011. You want poles; please contact Glo Winters glo@myhealthystrides.com

Yes We will wait for you and will have loaner poles for you to try,
Betty Deanna – Glo

Balance Walking is Off and Running! Ok, Walking to Better Health

Let’s have some Fun and Walk Today. No need to wait. 15 minutes of Balance Walking a day can deliver nearly the equivalent of 30 minutes a day of regular walking for a multitude of health benefits for you. You can do this Indoors and in the Great Outdoors.

Let’s Go! Connect with a Community

Find a Group.

Find a Coach or Walk Leader.

As Director of Balance Walking Worldwide, my team will be using many tools that have been under development radar. We will release these tools one by one to give everyone choices that will better fit their needs.

We have launched and will encourage all new Coaches and Walk Leaders (anyone looking to start to Walk today) to set up their own Meetup Balance Walking group. This is so easy.

Give me a shout at www.balancewalking.com or tkennedy@balancewalking.com and I will answer questions and help you set up your own program. You can be a corporation, a non profit, private fitness or health coach, or someone looking for others to walk and talk with today.

Come On!

We have Renee McLaughlin, a Balance Walking coach who in less than 1 week had 53 walkers looking to get started on one of our initiatives – Pink Pole Balance Walking.

Renee started with “Blast Away the Inches with Balance Walking!” in the website www.meetup.com – one of our tools.

Renee’s opening message (after consulting with her) was right on point and her post is placed in her “about section in Meetup” (read more)